The Home Bartender’s Guide to the 10 Essential Liqueurs

The Home Bartender’s Guide to the 10 Essential Liqueurs

While there is no shortage of ingredients and techniques in cocktail crafting, few can consistently elevate a drink quite like one of these essential liqueurs. These flavorful spirits are the backbone of countless classic and modern drinks, used to add depth, sweetness, and balance to recipes. However, with so many options available, knowing how to use liqueurs can be difficult.

This guide to 10 essential liqueurs will help you build a well-stocked home bar and dust off any bottles of liqueurs that you haven’t used in a while.


White Dragon Cocktail
Photo by @MilanChekov

From Combier to Grand Marnier, you could fill a bar with different orange liqueurs. The most versatile one is Cointreau. It has balanced flavors of bitter and sweet orange and subtle spices creates a dry, heady spirit with bright citrus. It’s a key cocktail ingredient in countless classic and modern cocktails.

As seen in: The Margarita, Cosmopolitan, White Dragon, Flatiron Martini, and more.

Luxardo Maraschino

Last Word Cocktail
Photo by @Bhofack2

No bar is complete without a bottle of maraschino liqueur, and Luxardo has become the go-to brand for professional craftsmen. Made from distilled marasca cherries, it has the perfect amount of sweetness, balanced by nuttiness and a silky texture. It’s an often overlooked but key cocktail ingredient.

As seen in: The Last Word, Hemingway Daiquiri, Brooklyn, Perfect Martini, Tuxedo No. 2, and more.

Green Chartreuse

Bijou Cocktail
Photo by @Drew_Beamer

The intriguingly green herbal liqueur and its slightly sweeter yellow cousin are invigoratingly botanical. Carthusian monks have been making Green Chartreuse since 1737, and the recipe of over 130 herbs is a closely guarded secret. The subtle sweetness and herbaceousness add a depth of flavor to tart and bitter drinks, and a sneaky addition to tropical cocktails. Its versatility makes it an essential liqueur to any home bar.

As seen in: The Bijou, Piña Verde, Chartreuse Swizzle, Last Word, and more.

St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

Flannel Shirt Cocktail
Photo by @Bodrumsurf

Although other allspice drams are on the market, St. Elizabeth is the traditional brand. With its sweet baking notes, dark spice, and stimulating pepperiness, Allspice dram, also known as pimento dram, adds just the right amount of seasoning to tropical punches, tiki drinks, and warm winter beverages. Its ability to play well in all seasons makes it a home bar essential.

As seen in: Flannel Shirt, Three Dots and a Dash, Lion’s Tail, and more.

DOM Bénédictine

Bobby Burns Cocktail
Photo by @bhofack2

The herbally bitter Bénédictine was first made in 1510, and some of its ingredients are still a secret. It’s herbaceous, subtly sweet, and viscous, calling to mind Angostura bitters. Bénédictine most commonly is used to add depth to dark spirit-based cocktails.

As seen in: The Singapore Sling, Vieux Carré, Good Cork, Bobby Burns, and more.


Al Fresco Spirtz
Photo by @thejennypace

This elegant bottle of elderflower liqueur is a key cocktail ingredient for the well stocked hom bar. Its brightly floral, energizingly sweet notes can instantly elevate many a mixed drink. Try it in a glass of champagne, white wine, Margarita, Gin and Tonic, or in its namesake, the St-Germain Cocktail.

As seen in: The Al Fresco Spritz, Irish Maid, Lily, Spicy Fifty, and more.


French Martini
Photo by @Jordannix

Of all the berry-based liqueurs, Chambord is a home bar essential. It’s considered a black raspberry liqueur, but vanilla, honey, and citrus peel also infuse the viscous drink. While the classic Kir Royale is traditionally made with Creme de Cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur, Chambord is more common and often substituted.

As seen in: Kir Royale, Chambord Spritz, French Martini, and more.


Amaretto Sour
Photo by @Bhofack2

The Italian almond liqueur might be known for its sweetness, but the marzipan-like spirit is remarkably versatile. Amaretto adds richness to bold and spicy spirits and cocktails. Substitute it for simple syrup in a French 75 or in an Old Fashioned for a simple twist on two classics.

As seen in: The French Connection, Amaretto Sour, Egg Nog Martini, and more.

Coffee Liqueur

Kahlua Midnight Cocktail
Photo by @Sarahpowerhouse

Although Kahlùa often comes to mind, any coffee liqueur is essential to your home bar. Kahlùa is the most balanced, made with a rum base highlighting its rich coffee, vanilla, and brown sugar notes. Other coffee liqueurs have different formulas that may be less sweet and rely on coffee’s bitterness more. We recommend choosing your coffee liqueur based on the desired coffee flavor intensity.

As seen in: The Espresso Martini, Kahlùa Midnight, Black Russian, and more.

Irish Cream Liqueur

Chocolate Martini Cocktail
Photo by @Jeppemoenster

Irish cream might not be the most complex liqueur in your bar, but its creamy, sweet coziness is essential. The classic brand is Baileys, with its Irish dairy cream, Irish whiskey, and chocolate and vanilla notes that are delicious in coffee or poured over ice cream. It’s an essential ingredient in cocktails like the Chocolate Martini or as an enhancing boost to your weekend latte.

Note: it contains dairy and has a shorter shelf life than other liqueurs, so keep it refrigerated once it’s opened.

As seen in: The Chocolate Martini, Frangelico Espresso, and more.

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