Bergamot Martini

June 18, 2024
Bergamot Martini With Vodka Gin And Bergamot Liqueur Italicus

Experience the vibrant complexity of the Bergamot Martini. Italian bergamot liqueur gets blended with crisp grain-based vodka and a blend of botanical gin. Crafted at the recommendation of the esteemed Nick Hopewell-Smith, this exquisite concoction strikes the perfect balance and presents an extraordinary twist on the timeless Martini. Let the harmonious flavors of the Bergamot Martini ignite your adventurous spirit and inspire you to explore the remarkable nuances of Italicus, the uniquely delicious Italian bergamot liqueur.


1 2/3 oz VODKA, Preferably Ketel One
5/6 oz LONDON DRY GIN, Preferably Hayman's
1/2 oz BERGAMONT LIQUEUR, Italicus
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