Bobby Burns Cocktail With Scotch Sweet Vermouth And Benedictine

The Bobby Burns was named as a likely homage to the famed Scotch poet, Robert Burns. It is akin to another Manhattan-like cocktail that is named after the Scottish hero, Rob Roy. Its Scotch base is mixed with sweet vermouth and Benedictine, an herbal liqueur whose 27 ingredients and recipe are only known to an exclusive few. Much like in a Rusty Nail, where Drambuie, a sweet Scotch-based herbal liqueur balances out the smoky Scotch base, Benedictine’s botanicals and spices compliment the smoky Scotch and sweet vermouth and is an essential element.

The history of the Bobby Burns is a bit hazy with its true origins unknown. However, the first known recording is from the 1900 edition of “Fancy Drinks” in which it was referred to as the “Baby Burns.” A later recording in “Jack’s Manual” from 1910 has it named the “Bobby Burns.” Even with its Scottish elements, its status in Scotland does not rival that of the Rusty Nail.


1 oz BLENDED SCOTCH, Preferably a 12-year-old
.5 oz HERBAL LIQUEUR, Benedictine
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