Brandy Daisy Brandy Yellow Chartruese Lemon Juice Soda Water Shaken Cocktail

The Brandy Daisy first gained popularity in the early 19th century. The first known recording of the recipe is from 1876. However, over the years many variations have been developed. Including the gin based Gin Daisy, as well as its newer 20th century version.

The Daisy includes a citrus juice and is most commonly composed with lemon juice but can also use lime or grapefruit juice instead. There’s also a focus on a liqueur or cordial like yellow Chartreuse, maraschino or orange liqueur. The addition of these distinguishes the Daisy from other sours.


1.5 oz BRANDY
.75 oz LEMON JUICE, Fresh is best
1 splash SODA WATER, To top
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