Daniel Webster’s Punch

December 17, 2021
Daniel Webster'S Punch With Red Wine Cognac Brandy Rum Champagne Sherry Lemon Tea Iced Cocktail

This nineteenth century recipe is named for the Massachusetts senator of the mid 1800s. Daniel Webster’s Punch can be found with many variations, this recipe is an adaptation from the original found in the 1869 Steward & Barkeep’s Manual. It is a potent combination of Cognac, sherry, rum, red wine, Champagne, and a few other ingredients.

This recipe serves 10, use whole bottles of spirits for an even larger serving. Note, it can take an hour and a half to complete this recipe.


3/4 cups SUGAR
3 whole LEMON, Reserve peels and juice
2 cups TEA, Black
3/4 cups COGNAC, Or brandy
3/4 cups SHERRY, Dry Oloroso
3/4 cups DARK RUM
1.5 cups RED WINE, Full bodied such as a Bordeaux
1 oz CHAMPAGNE, (Or brut sparkling wine) To top for each individual serving
1 whole ORANGE, Sliced for garnish
1 whole PINEAPPLE, Sliced for serving
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