Drunk Uncle Cocktail With Islay Scotch Cynar Amaro And Bianco Vermouth

Get the perfect balance of smoky Scotch whiskey and herbal bitterness with the Drunk Uncle Cocktail. Created by Shawn Soole, a bartender based out of Victoria B.C., his unique recipe is a take on the classic Negroni. It replaces the traditional Negroni ingredients (Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin) with Cynar, a bittersweet artichoke-based amaro, bianco vermouth, and Scotch, resulting in a rich, smokey, and bittersweet drink. Soole’s Drunk Uncle construction is a two-to-one-to-one ratio rather than equal parts to balance the drink and a twist of grapefruit instead of orange.


1.5 oz SCOTCH, An Islay such as Bowmore or Laphroaig
.75 oz AMARO, Cynar
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