Go-To Cocktail With Gin Elderflower Liqueur Lime Juice Cucumber Slices Mint Leaves And Ginger Beer

The Go-To cocktail is the perfect drink for those looking for something refreshing that’s made with gin and not too sweet. Created by Rob Krueger of Brooklyn’s Extra Fancy restaurant, it combines gin, cucumber, mint, St-Germain, and ginger beer. Krueger describes the dependable ginger beer ingredient as the ketchup of the cocktail world for its crowd-pleasing quality.

For that exact reason, the drink caught on and has become the go-to cocktail for many. It builds on the classic “Buck“, or “Mule“, formula, which is known for its refreshing effect.


2 oz GIN
.75 oz LIME JUICE, Freshly squeezed
3 slice(s) CUCUMBER
5 whole MINT SPRIG, 8-10 leave total
2 oz GINGER BEER, To top
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