Hannah Woolley Punch

November 14, 2022
Hannah Woolley Punch With Red Wine Cognac Nutmeg Lemon Juice And Soda Water Christmas Holiday Punch Recipe

One of the earliest published punch recipes, The Hannah Woolley Punch, was first recorded in 1672 by Hannah Woolley herself. First featured in her household management book called “The Queen-Like Closet.” She notes, “To make Punch, Take one Quart of Claret wine, half a pint of Brandy, a little Nutmeg, grated, a little Suga, and the juice of a Limon and so drink it.”

Despite being 300 years-old, it remains a festive favorite with a modern update. Picked up by elegant establishments like London’s Punch Room and Hawksmoor Spitalfield, where the recipe has been improved by a mix of spicy Barolo and hearty merlot. The result is a dryer rather than fruity-sweet punch, making it a crowd pleasing punch for the holiday season.

Serves 15


10 oz COGNAC, VSOP or XO
8 oz RED WINE, Preferably a Barolo
26 oz RED WINE, Dry red, preferably merlot
10 oz LEMON JUICE, Freshly squeezed
5 oz SODA WATER, To top
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