Irish Coffee

December 23, 2021
Irish Coffee With Irish Whiskey Cream Coffee Espresso Hot Mug Cocktail

The original Irish Coffee was created by chef Joe Sheridan at the Foynes airport in the early 1940s. On a cold rainy night, he whipped up the coffee and whiskey mixture for disembarking passengers whose flight had been grounded due to the weather. The drink was later served at the Shannon airport, where it caught on.

In 1952, San Francisco Chronicle writer Stanton Delaplane stopped through the Shannon airport where he enjoyed an Irish Coffee and was determined to bring it back to America. He introduced it to Jack Koeppler, owner of Buena Vista Cafe, who developed a San Francisco version which gained such popularity that Buena Vista Cafe became an institution for the San Francisco Irish Coffee.

There are many versions of this boozy caffeinated drink and different technical methods to achieve the perfect whipped cream. When enjoying at home, the goal can shift to create your perfect Irish Coffee. Let taste and preference determine the ratios, whiskey and coffee type. Explore more ways to add a kick to your cup of joe with these cocktails.


1.5 oz IRISH WHISKEY, Irish whiskey
1 oz CREAM, Whipped
2.5 oz COFFEE, Hot
.5 oz SUGAR, Preferably brown sugar


1. In a mug combine brown sugar, hot coffee, and Irish whiskey

2. Top with whipped cream, preferably hand whipped and unsweetened


Served: Hot
Drinkware: Mug
Mixed: Built
Garnish: Whipped cream
  • Creamy
  • ,
  • Bitter






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