Italian Espresso Martini

January 10, 2023
Italian Espresso Martini With Averna Amaro Espresso And Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

This foamy digestif is a delicious and luxurious way to end your meal. The Italian Espresso Martini is an amaro riff on the original Espresso Martini. It combines gentle Amaro Averna, espresso, and Kahlúa creating a velvety rich and botanical caffeinated cocktail.

Created by Nicholas Boden, bartender at Kansas City, Missouri’s historic Hotel Phillips’s bar Tavernonna Italian Kitchen. Each cup is topped with the traditional three coffee beans, meant to represent health, happiness, and prosperity. Enjoy the perfect pairing for your Italian cuisine with this variation on the classic Espresso Martini.


1 oz ESPRESSO, Chilled
1.5 oz AMARO, Averna Amaro
.5 oz COFFEE LIQUEUR, Kahlúa
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