Manhattan Blanco

December 13, 2022
Manhattan Blanco With Blanco Tequila Mezcal Blanc Vermouth And Orange Liqueur Cocktail

The Manhattan Blanco is from the creative brain behind The Shaken Cocktail, Lily Basinet. Aptly named for the fact that this paler version uses blanco tequila. It’s a boozy mixture, with equal parts tequila, mezcal, Grand Marnier, and Dolin blanc vermouth. She says that “After the first few sips, it drapes your palate in the velvety way that a Manhattan does.”

Noticing this parallel, the Manhattan Blanco moniker seemed natural. She had been looking for an agave based cocktail served up that wasn’t as citrus forward as a margarita, had smoky mezcal, and the smoothness of her usual Bourbon Manhattan. When her search came up empty, she did what she does best and created her own.

Serve it on the rocks for a more mellow libation or up, as suggested. Either way she says “it’s become a fast favorite of anyone who’s tried it.”


1 oz BIANCO/BLANC VERMOUTH, Preferably Dolin
1 oz ORANGE LIQUEUR, Preferably Grand Marnier
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