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A Michelada essentially introduces beer to a Bloody Mary and drops vodka. It combines a light beer, tomato juice, citrus juice, spices, and hot sauce; but much like the Bloody Mary, there are many variations. It is served without tomato juice in Mexico City, relying on citrus, spices, and hot sauce.

The name “Michelada” is a Spanish portmanteau of mi, chela, and helada. “Chela” is a popular term for a light beer and “helada” means ice cold, combined it translates to “my ice cold beer.”


1 oz BEER, Preferably a pale Mexican beer, to top
1 oz LIME JUICE, Fresh is best
1 dash(es) SALT & PEPPER, To taste
5 dash(es) HOT SAUCE, To taste


1. Rim highball glass or pint glass with salt and pepper or your favorite savory seasoning, if desired

2. Fill glass with ice

3. Add lime juice, hot sauce, tomato juice, salt, and pepper to the prepared glass

4. Top with beer and garnish with lime wedge


Served: On The Rocks
Drinkware: Collins/Highball
Mixed: Built
Garnish: Lime wedge
  • Savory
  • ,
  • Spicy






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