New York Sour

December 17, 2021
New York Sour Cocktail With Whiskey Egg White Lemon Juice Simple Syrup Red Wine Iced Cocktail

Sours were first recorded in the 1860s, traditionally composed of a base liqueur, citrus juice, a sweetener, and often an egg white. The New York Sour, in proper cosmopolitan style, aspires to stand out from the crowd. It takes the Whiskey Sour and adds a “float” of red wine on top, creating a splashy eye-catching cocktail.

The origins of the New York Sour vary, but it is believed to date back to some time in the 1870s or 1880s. Nothing directly ties it to “The Big Apple” but named purely for its flare. Its flavor is dry and citrus-sweet; it is not traditionally served with an egg white, but some enjoy both the flavor and visual effects by adding one.


2 oz WHISK(E)Y, Bourbon or rye
1 oz LEMON JUICE, Fresh is best
1 oz SIMPLE SYRUP, Or to taste
.25 oz RED WINE
1 whole EGG WHITE, Optional
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