Penicillin Blended Scotch Whiskey Honey Ginger Syrup Lemon Juice Aged Peated Scotch Cocktail

This drink is an iconic creation from New York’s Milk & Honey bartender Sam Ross. He first served the Penicillin in 2005 and it has since graced the menus of bars around the world. Sam Ross has also graced us with other great cocktails like the Paper Plane.

The Penicillin is composed of two types of Scotch, lemon, honey, and ginger. The name is derived from the revolutionary drug of the same name, hinting at the healing properties of some of the drink’s ingredients. It’s likened to the effects of a Hot Toddy that are said to help with cold and flu symptoms.

The Penicillin is traditionally garnished with candied ginger, but if that’s not on hand we suggest a lemon peel which complements nicely as well.


1.5 oz SCOTCH, 12 Year Aged
.75 oz LEMON JUICE, Fresh is best
.25 oz SINGLE MALT SCOTCH, Peated and preferably aged at least 10 years
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