Reno Cocktail With Amaro Montenegro Italicus Bergamot Liqueur Gentian Liqueur Suze Bianco Vermouth

The Reno cocktail, crafted by Giorgio Ferrarese in 2018 at London’s Holy Birds restaurant, pays tribute to the momentous events of April 21st, 1945 during World War II. This bittersweet aperitivo showcases the distinct flavors of Amaro Montenegro and gentian liqueur, Suze. Symbolizing the city is Amaro Montenegro, while Cocchi Americano Bianco represents the partisan movement from Asti. Italicus embodies bravery, and Suze, a sophisticated gentian liqueur, serves as a reminder of the aid provided by the allies. Without Suze’s strong bitter touch, the cocktail would lack its unique character, much like the battle for Reno would have been incomplete without the victorious outcome.


1 1/6 oz AMARO, Amaro Montenegro
2/3 oz GENTIAN LIQUEUR, Suze or Salers
1/6 oz BERGAMONT LIQUEUR, Italicus
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