Riviera Spritz

December 19, 2021
Riviera Spritz Campari Aperol Italian Bitter Amaro Elderflower Liqueur St Germain Sparkling Wine Soda Water Iced Cocktail

The Riviera spritz is the perfect marriage between iconic French and Italian spirits. While it evokes the sunny weather of the Riviera, this drink can be enjoyed year round. It’s an exciting mixture of Aperol, Campari, and St-Germain, topped with soda water. Boost the ABV count by substituting a dry sparkling wine for the soda water.

Created by our founder here at Shaken in 2021, this drink holds a special place in our cocktail repertoire. Its flavor is light and refreshing and it joins the family of other sparkling aperitivi like the classic Aperol Spritz, the Bicicletta, and the Negroni Sbagliato.


2 oz AMARO, Aperol
1 oz AMARO, Campari
3 oz SODA WATER, To top or substitute a dry sparkling wine
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