Spicy Fifty Cocktail With Vanilla Vodka Elderflower Liqueur Lime Juice Honey Syrup Red Chili Pepper Shaken Cocktail

The Spicy Fifty is a curious cocktail that takes your taste buds on a journey with each sip. First hints of sweet vanilla, then the zing of citrus, and finally the heat of a chile pepper builds for the ultimate spicy drink. Each ingredient compliments the next; sweet, sour, and spicy all in one glass.

Created by Salvator Calabrese in 2005 for the opening of London’s Fifty bar. Its well known that Calabrese’s Spicy Fifty was inspired by Myles Cunliff’s award winning MyZo cocktail. Both are vanilla vodka based with elderflower liqueur, citrus, and chile. Calabrese uses fresh lime juice and introduced honey to the mixture plus a pinch of pepper for a truly unique drink.

The Spicy Fifty’s echos a modern classic, the Porn Star Martini, also born out of the vanilla vodka trend of the time.


.5 oz LIME JUICE, Fresh is best
.25 oz HONEY, with 2:1 water
1 pinch(es) PEPPER, optional
2 slice(s) RED CHILE PEPPER, deseeded and sliced thin, or jalapeno
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