Suffering Bastard

January 4, 2022
Suffering Bastard Gin Brandy Lime Juice Bitters Ginger Beer Cocktail

There are two common types of the Suffering Bastard recipe, the original from 1942 and the tropical drink from Trader Vic’s. The original was created in Egypt at the Shepheard’s Hotel by bartender Joe Scialom. He was looking to make a hangover cure for WWII soldiers who complained about the quality of liquors in the area. He made variations of this drink, adding bourbon to it made it the Dying Bastard and then the addition of bourbon and rum, made it the Dead Bastard.

The tropical version of this drink can be found at tiki bars, most notably Trader Vic’s. This Suffering Bastard recipe has rum instead of gin and brandy, lime juice, and citrus liqueurs. The drink will usually be served in a tiki mug depicting someone in pain, holding their head in their hands. Other drinks made famous by Traders Vic’s include the original Mai Tai and the Zombie.


1 oz GIN
.5 oz LIME JUICE, Fresh is best
2 dash(es) BITTERS, Angostura
2 oz GINGER BEER, To top
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