Toffee Negroni Cocktail With Rum Sherry And Aperol

The Toffee Negroni doesn’t actually contain any toffee, similar to how the Coffee Cocktail doesn’t have any coffee. However, these drinks are still incredibly tasty and appropriately named. This Negroni riff brings out unique nutty and caramel flavors with a combination of rum and sherry. Adding Aperol helps create a well-balanced cocktail that pays homage to the classic negroni while using different ingredients.

While any aged rum will do, it’s important to stick with Amontillado Sherry for the best flavor combination. If you can’t find Amontillado Sherry, Oloroso or Palo Cortado Sherry will work just as well as a substitute.


1 oz AGED RUM, Aged 6-10 years
1 oz SHERRY, Amontillado
1 oz AMARO, Aperol
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