Fall cocktails perfect for staying warm on chilly days

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Flannel Shirt Cocktail With Scotch Apple Cider Amaro Averna Lemon Juice Allspice Dram Demerara Syrup Angostura Bitters

Flannel Shirt

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Mountain Man Cocktail With Bourbon Peche De Vigne Lemon Juice Maple Syrup And Ginger Syrup

Mountain Man

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Switchel Cocktail With Bourbon Blended Scotch Or Dark Rum Apple Cider Vinegar Lemon Juice And Honey Syrup


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Bobby Burns Cocktail With Scotch Sweet Vermouth And Benedictine

Bobby Burns

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Old Hickory Cocktail With Sweet Vermouth Dry Vermouth Peychaud'S Bitters And Orange Bitters On The Rocks

Old Hickory

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Lion'S Tail Bourbon Whiskey Allspice Dram Lime Juice Angostura Bitters Simple Syrup

Lion’s Tail

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Red Hook Rye Whiskey Sweet Vermouth Maraschino Liqueur Cocktail

Red Hook

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Penicillin Blended Scotch Whiskey Honey Ginger Syrup Lemon Juice Aged Peated Scotch Cocktail


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Dubliner Irish Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Liqueur, Orange Bitters Cocktail


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Amaretto Sour Amaretto Bourbon Lemon Juice Simple Syrup Egg White Cocktail

Amaretto Sour

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Tipperary Irish Whiskey Sweet Vermouth Green Chartreuse Bitters Cocktail


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