Sgroppino Cocktail

June 7, 2023
Sgroppino Cocktail With Prosecco Vodka And Lemon Sorbet

Sgroppino, a cocktail-dessert hybrid with roots in Venice, is both delicious and delightful. The recipe for this cocktail comes from Pietro Caldarelli, who created it while working as a beverage director at the restaurant Feroce when it was located inside of the Moxy Chelsea Hotel in New York City.

To make a Sgroppino, you’ll only need three easy-to-obtain ingredients, and you won’t even need to use a blender or shaker. Simply whip the ingredients in a bowl until the sorbet and liquids become a smooth mixture. Pour the contents into your glass of choice. It’s a simple and delicious treat, refresh after dinner on warm nights to channel Italy with each sip.


2 oz PROSECCO, Chilled
.5 oz VODKA
1 scoop SORBET, Lemon
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