Auntie’s Hot Xmas Punch

September 26, 2023
Auntie'S Hot Xmas Punch With Sherry Lemon Juice Cognac Apple Juice And Bitters

Simon Difford crafted Auntie’s Hot Xmas Punch for BBC Radio 4’s Christmas Eve broadcast in 2002. This delightful beverage, aptly named after the affectionate nickname for the BBC, follows the classic punch formula of 1 part sour, 2 parts sweet, 3 parts strong, and 4 parts weak. The addition of Ximenez sherry adds a delectable sweetness and imparts a mouthwatering essence reminiscent of Christmas pudding. Enjoy the warmth and festive flavors of Auntie’s Hot Xmas Punch this holiday season.


1.5 oz SHERRY, Pedro Ximénez sherry
2.25 oz COGNAC, Or brandy
.75 oz LEMON JUICE, Freshly squeezed
3 oz APPLE JUICE, Unsweetened and cloudy
4 oz BITTERS, Peychaud's or other Creole-style bitters
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