Churchill Cocktail With Blended Scotch Whisky Cointreau Orange Liqueur Dolin Sweet Vermouth And Lime Juice

One of history’s most renowned global figures, Winston Churchill, gained equal fame for his affinity for whisky. His preference for scotch was so widely acknowledged that the revered mixologist Joe Gilmore concocted a delightful beverage at the esteemed American Bar in London’s iconic Savoy hotel. Gilmore, disregarding Churchill’s personal preference against cocktails, ingeniously devised a libation to pay homage to the esteemed statesman.

The concoction, aptly named after Churchill himself, harmoniously melded his cherished Scotch whisky with the delightful essences of sweet vermouth, Cointreau, and freshly squeezed lime juice. The inaugural published recipe for this illustrious drink made its debut in Esquire magazine back in 1939.


.5 oz ORANGE LIQUEUR, Preferably Cointreau
.5 oz SWEET VERMOUTH, Preferably Dolin
.5 oz LIME JUICE, Freshly squeezed
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