Kingston Soundsystem

July 6, 2022
Kingston Soundsystem Cocktail With Aged Rum, Rum, Suze Aperitif, Pineapple Juice, And Lime Juice Tropical Drink

The Kingston Soundsystem cocktail is a Jungle Bird riff by Shannon Mustifer of New York’s Glady’s. Inspired by one of Mustifer’s favorite reggae songs, ‘Skylarking’ by Horace Andy, the drink is an unusual mix of Jamaican and overproof rums, Suze, pineapple juice, and lime juice. It’s a modern tropical cocktail that’s a bit sweet and a bit spiced.


1 oz AGED RUM, Preferably Jamaican
.5 oz 151-PROOF RUM, Preferably Rum Fire
.5 oz APÉRITIF, Suze
.75 oz LIME JUICE, Freshly squeezed
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