Mojito Cocktail With Rum Lime Juice Mint Sugar Soda Water Iced Cocktail

The famous muddled mint Mojito has unknown origins and a name that has no literal translation. While its birthplace is Havana, Cuba, its exact origins have been lost in time. It is speculated to be a descendant of the old Cuban drink called Draque, a concoction of unrefined rum, lime juice, and sugarcane juice. The first recording of a “Mojito” is in Sloppy Joe’s Bar Season 1931-32, however there’s evidence of earlier cocktails with the same composition under other names involving the word “Mojo.”

This rum classic is a simple but refreshing drink that combines white rum, mint leaves, lime juice, and sugar. Muddling the mint leaves and lime wedges releases their oils, creating a combination of sweet and citrus flavors. It’s an ideal cocktail for hot summer days when done well and using quality ingredients.


2 tsp SUGAR
2 whole MINT SPRIG
1 whole LIME, Quartered
1 oz SODA WATER, To top


1. In a highball glass, add mint sprigs and sugar

2. Muddle the mint and sugar lightly

3. Add lime wedges and muddle more

4. Add rum, stir and add ice

5. Top with soda water

6. Garnish with a mint sprig and/or lime wedge


Served: On The Rocks
Drinkware: Collins/Highball
Mixed: Built
Garnish: Lime wedge
  • Citrus
  • ,
  • Sweet






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