Old Hickory

June 13, 2022
Old Hickory Cocktail With Sweet Vermouth Dry Vermouth Peychaud'S Bitters And Orange Bitters On The Rocks

This Old Hickory recipe by Maxwell Britten of Brooklyn’s Maison Premiere, is an adaptation from Stanley Clisby Arthur’s 1937 “Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em.” Its name is a reference to President Andrew Jackson’s nickname, who was known for his toughness. He had helped pirate Jean Laffite win the Battle of New Orleans, during 1814-15. According to Arthur’s book, this concoction of sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, and bitters was Jackson’s favorite tipple while he was there.

Not as tough as its name suggests, the Old Hickory is a low-proof drink, and is one of the lesser known New Orleans cocktails. It shares its vermouth forward and low-proof qualities with the Adonis.


1.5 oz SWEET VERMOUTH, Preferably Carpano Antica
1 oz DRY VERMOUTH, Preferably Dolin
4 dash(es) BITTERS, Peychaud's
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