Prince of Wales Cocktail

October 26, 2022
Prince Of Wales Cocktail With Rye Whiskey Pineapple Lemon Angostura Bitters Maraschino Liqueur And Champagne

The Prince of Wales Cocktail was named after Queen Victoria’s son, Albert Edward—the Prince of Wales and later King Edward VII. Earning the stereotypical playboy prince reputation while waiting to ascend the trone. He was a fashionable tastemaker in every sense. It is believed The Prince came up with this concoction himself. It’s a mix of spicy rye whiskey, aromatic bitters, and a hint of tropical sweetness, topped off with Champagne. A sophisticated blend of flavors fit for a discerning royal palate.


1.5 oz RYE
1 dash(es) BITTERS, Angostura
1 slice(s) LEMON PEEL
1 wedge(s) PINEAPPLE
1 tsp SUGAR, Or simple syrup
2 oz CHAMPAGNE, To top
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