Sherry Flip

December 20, 2021
Sherry Flip Sherry Simple Syrup Egg Shaken Cocktail

The modern flip we know today had evolved by the 19th century. The Sherry Flip is served as a fully upright and chilled cocktail instead of the hot beer-based drink that it once was. There are many variations but most commonly made with fortified wine, such as sherry or Port. Here, the nuttiness from the dry oloroso sherry and the creaminess of the egg result in a tamed down alternative to the holiday favorite, egg nog.

The flip is a class of mixed drinks whose origins date back to the 1600s in colonial America. The original mixture included beer, rum, and sugar that was heated, causing the drink to froth. Each pub at the time had its own variation and many most notably added a whole fresh egg, which we see in the modern flip today.


2 oz SHERRY, Oloroso
1 whole EGG
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