Tea & Sympathy

September 26, 2023
Tea &Amp; Sympathy With Chai Tea Cachaca Ginger Liqueur And Lemon Juice

In winter, the delightful combination of tea and liquor creates a unique and comforting beverage. While whiskey and brandy are often associated with the colder months, Tea & Sympathy is a delightful concoction which features cachaça, a beloved spirit from Brazil. Cachaças typically boast a fruity and grassy flavor profile, often with hints of lychee or stone fruit. The Chai infusion adds a pleasant spiciness, while the addition of King’s Ginger Liqueur brings a zesty ginger kick and a touch of sweetness. This high-quality liqueur, crafted with real macerated ginger and citrus oil, is a wonderful addition to any liquor collection. For those seeking alternatives, the renowned Domaine de Canton, a French liqueur that offers similar qualities to King’s but with a slightly warmer and less sweet profile, is highly recommended. Indulging in this tea and liquor blend is akin to experiencing a warm embrace, invoking a sense of comfort and sympathy.


1 whole TEA, Bag of Chai tea
1 oz GINGER LIQUEUR, Such as King's or Domaine de Canton
.5 oz LEMON JUICE, Freshly squeezed
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