Better Half Cocktail With Vodka Sherry Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur And White Wine

The Better Half is essentially a variation of the Reverse Vodka Martini that replaces vermouth with Amontillado sherry and chablis, a dry wine known for its citrus and floral notes. To add a touch of sweetness and orange flavor, a small amount of Grand Marnier is included. This drink, created by Juyoung Kang, the lead bartender at The Dorsey in Las Vegas, offers a softer and lower-ABV option by adjusting the proportions of spirit and vermouth. By using just one ounce of vodka and doubling up on the sherry and chablis combination, Kang achieves a well-balanced cocktail that amplifies the flavor without overwhelming the alcohol content.


1.5 oz SHERRY, Amontillado
1 oz VODKA
.5 oz WHITE WINE, dry white wine like Chablis, Albariño, or Sancérre
1 tsp ORANGE LIQUEUR, Grand Marnier
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