Boozy Hot Chocolate

September 26, 2023
Boozy Hot Chocolate With Alcohol Chocolate And Marshmallows

When the weather is chilly and you crave a comforting, heat-inducing beverage, few things can compare to a delightful cup of hot chocolate. However, there is one exceptional variation that takes it up a notch – the Boozy Hot Chocolate. By adding a splash of booze to your mug, you can transform this classic treat into a luxurious cocktail that is ideal for unwinding after a day on the slopes or indulging in a decadent post-dinner delight.

The beauty of the Boozy Hot Chocolate lies in its versatility and customizability. It truly shines at gatherings and parties, where you can present an array of ingredients, allowing your guests to embark on their own flavor adventure. Different types of chocolate yield distinct taste profiles, so be sure to select a chocolate that melts smoothly in your mug. Similarly, you have the freedom to choose the milk that suits your preference – opt for whole milk for a richer, creamier experience, or opt for lower-fat milk for a lighter, more refreshing beverage. These same principles apply to the spirits as well, granting you the opportunity to craft a Boozy Hot Chocolate that perfectly aligns with your desired flavors and intensity.


2 oz CHOCOLATE, Semisweet, finely chopped
6 oz MILK, heated
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