Coffee Cocktail

March 7, 2024
Coffee Cocktail With Cognac Brandy Tawny Port A Whole Egg And Simple Syrup With Freshly Grated Nutmeg

The Coffee Cocktail, a timeless blend originating in the late 1800s, has undergone various recipe adjustments since its initial introduction in the renowned Jerry Thomas’s Guide to Bartending, the ultimate authority in bartending craftsmanship. While minor variations may exist across sources, one undeniable truth remains constant—in spite of its name, this iconic libation is completely devoid of any coffee or caffeine components.

The name possibly originates from the resemblance of the shaken and served beverage to a coffee concoction abundant in frothy milk. However, it is more closely aligned with the Porto Flip, a traditional drink category that utilizes a whole egg instead of solely the egg whites commonly found in sours.

The Coffee Cocktail’s foundation lies in Cognac, complemented by an equal portion of vibrant ruby port, which exudes a fruity sweetness unlike most other ports. This libation is sweetened with simple syrup and achieves a lusciously creamy texture thanks to the incorporation of the entire egg.

To achieve optimal results, proper shaking is crucial, preferably with an initial dry shake (without ice) before adding ice to vigorously agitate and generate a luxuriant foam. The ideal outcome is a visually striking beverage resembling a velvety coffee drink when poured into a port glass.

Embrace the allure of the Coffee Cocktail and savor its rich history with every exquisite sip.


1.5 oz COGNAC, Or brandy
1.5 oz PORT, Tawny
1 whole EGG, Yolk & white
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