Golden Cadillac

February 15, 2024
Golden Cadillac Cocktail With Galliano Herbal Liqueur Heavy Cream Creme De Cacao And Chocolate Shavings

The inception of the Golden Cadillac can be traced back to 1952 at Poor Red’s, an esteemed establishment in El Dorado, California. Legend has it that a couple sought out an extraordinary libation, prompting the adept bartender to skillfully blend Galliano, white creme de cacao, and velvety cream. In an homage to the gleaming new vehicle possessed by the patrons, this exquisite concoction was aptly christened the Golden Cadillac. Remarkably, even after numerous decades have elapsed, this iconic libation continues to hold its rightful place as a beloved staple at Poor Red’s.

The enduring appeal of the Golden Cadillac remains strong, especially among those who appreciate retro cocktails. Its heyday was in the 1970s, a time when Galliano reigned supreme. This Italian liqueur, crafted in 1896 using a recipe featuring star anise, juniper, lavender, cinnamon, and vanilla, added flair to popular drinks like the Harvey Wallbanger and Fuzzy Navel, which were frequently ordered during that era. While Galliano may not be as prominently featured in bars today, it is worth bringing out the distinctive tall bottle to create a Golden Cadillac.

The good news is that making this cocktail is remarkably simple, as all three ingredients are used in equal proportions, eliminating the need for complex measurements. The end result is a luxurious and velvety concoction bursting with the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and anise. Although sweet, the addition of herbal Galliano surprises many with its depth and complexity, elevating this beverage beyond a mere dessert-like appearance.


1 oz HERBAL LIQUEUR, Galliano
1 tsp CHOCOLATE, Shavings
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