Tootsie Roll

February 15, 2024
Tootsie Roll Cocktail With Rye Whiskey Pedro Ximenez Sherry And Chocolate Bitters

The Tootsie Roll cocktail surpasses its playful name, offering a more sophisticated experience. No longer limited to children or special occasions, Aisha Sharpe, a skilled mixologist, has transformed this beloved candy into an exclusive adult beverage. This enticing concoction combines rye whiskey, Pedro Ximénez sherry, and abundant chocolate bitters, foregoing flavored vodka or chocolate syrup. Instead, Sharpe artfully incorporates the remarkably sweet and dark Pedro Ximénez sherry, reminiscent of a delectable dessert. The sherry’s intensity is balanced by the spiciness of the rye, while the bitters, derived from organically toasted cacao nibs with a subtle oak essence, infuse the drink with delightful chocolate undertones, without overwhelming sweetness.

This cocktail achieves a harmonious blend of robust and well-structured whiskey, luscious PX sherry, and the unmistakable flavor of chocolate. To top it off, a Luxardo maraschino cherry garnish provides a final touch of indulgence. The next time you’re seeking to indulge in a nostalgic sip, treat yourself to this exquisite Tootsie Roll cocktail.


2 oz RYE
1 oz SHERRY, Pedro Ximenez
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