Campbeltown Cocktail With Single Mart Scotch Cherry Heering Liqueur And Green Chartreuse

Bramble Bar & Lounge in Edinburgh, a renowned establishment frequently recognized as one of the world’s top cocktail bars, presents the Campbeltown. This sophisticated libation showcases the versatility of scotch, a whisky often associated with classic concoctions like the Rob Roy or Penicillin. Crafted with a single malt whisky as its foundation, the Campbeltown boasts a captivating blend of robust and profound flavors. Ideal for those who appreciate potent yet nuanced beverages, this stirred drink epitomizes the ingenuity and innovation found in Scotland’s bars.

The creation of the Campbeltown cocktail is an endeavor that requires a significant investment. The foundation of this exquisite drink lies in the use of Springbank 10-year-old scotch, a meticulously crafted whisky renowned for its well-balanced flavor profile and valued at $100. Not only does this exceptional scotch contribute to the cocktail’s distinct smokiness and depth, but it also lends its name to the drink itself, paying homage to the Springbank distillery’s location in Campbeltown.

In addition to the Springbank scotch, the Campbeltown cocktail incorporates green Chartreuse, a renowned herbal liqueur crafted by Carthusian monks using a closely guarded recipe. Although slightly less expensive than the Springbank 10-year-old, this spirit still bears a significant price tag, averaging at $50 per bottle. Thankfully, the recipe for the Campbeltown cocktail only calls for half an ounce of Chartreuse. Moreover, the versatility of Chartreuse extends beyond the Campbeltown cocktail, as it can also be employed in other delightful mixtures such as the Last Word, Bijou, and various other libations.

Cherry Heering, a cherry liqueur with a sweet and tangy flavor, serves as the third component in this botanical cocktail that focuses on the spirit. Known for its prominent role in the classic scotch cocktail, the Blood & Sand, Cherry Heering adds a distinct touch. The other more notable cherry liqueur on the market is Maraschino liqueur, which is less sweet. If you opt for this substitute we recommend a dash of simple syrup.

If you find the cost per drink to be daunting, consider substituting a more affordable scotch. Another well-balanced single malt from Campbeltown could complement the green Chartreuse effectively. However, it’s important to note that altering the ingredients runs the risk of compromising the drink’s overall quality.


2 oz SINGLE MALT SCOTCH, Preferably Springbank 10-year-old
1 oz CHERRY LIQUEUR, Cherry Heering
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