Monte Cassino

August 15, 2023
Monte Cassino Cocktail With Rye D.o.m. Benedictine Liqueur Yellow Chartreuse And Lemon Juice

If you’ve ever had a classic Last Word cocktail, you know how complex the flavors it evokes can be. The Monte Cassino, a variation on the Last Word, is no exception. Building off of the original’s equal-parts format of green Chartreuse with citrus, a spirit and another distinct liqueur. The Monte Cassino combines yellow ChartreuseBenedictine, American rye whiskey and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Created in 2010 by New York City bartender Damon Dyer, it is named for the place for where the Benedictine monks established their order in Italy. It uses Benedictine in place of the usual maraschino liqueur in the Last Word resulting in a more botanical-forward flavor. While warmly spiced rye whiskey takes the place of herbaceous gin, creating an overall richer mixture. It’s certainly no stand in for the classic Last Word but a no less exciting alternative.


.75 oz RYE
.75 oz HERBAL LIQUEUR, Benedictine
.75 oz LEMON JUICE, Freshly squeezed
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