The Healer Cocktail With Bourbon Whiskey, Gentian Liqueur Suze, Amaro Nonino, Licor 43 Vanilla Liqueur, And Lemon Juice

In 2017, Juan Meyer of Norwalk, CT introduced an innovative beverage that has come to be known as The Healer. Inspired by a customer’s request for a non-hot version of a Hot Toddy, Meyer combined Suze with his creative expertise to craft this remarkable drink. The result is a bittersweet flavor profile complemented by refreshing citrus undertones. The infusion of vanilla and bourbon adds a delightful complexity that perfectly harmonizes with the gentian. With its aperitif-style characteristics, The Healer promises to captivate the palates of food enthusiasts and discerning consumers alike.


1.5 oz BOURBON
.75 oz GENTIAN LIQUEUR, Suze or Salers
.5 oz AMARO, Amaro Nonino Quintessentia
.25 oz VANILLA LIQUEUR, Licor 43
1 oz LEMON JUICE, Freshly squeezed
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